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Have A Location? You’re In The Media Business

23 Jan

For many small businesses focusing on one product, a particular niche and customer service has always been a banner for success.  But, in challenging economic times, new ideas and opportunities often emerge.

One such opportunity is to view your small business as an untapped resource for the placement of out-of-home or digital-out-of-home, media.

Effectively we are talking about the rental of space within the four walls of your business to external advertisers.

dentalscreenDigital Clinic a division of Wand Corporation, which is a major player in the quick serve restaurant category for providing digital screens and menu boards, has recently announced Facebook integration for its digital signage system for dental and doctors practices.

With Facebook integration, Digital Clinic creates a new social engagement platform practitioners can use to build social media presence and reach customers.

Essentially, these clinics are showcasing positive comments, feedback, customer reviews and testimonials from Facebook onscreen in the waiting area or lobby, doctors and dentists can build and enhance their reputation and encourage patients to connect.

The digital signage system from Digital Clinic also integrates with Twitter and Demandforce to further leverage and promote social media and online reviews.

In a similar vain, Canadian company Rouge Media Group has turned their attention to women’s beauty salons. Seems like a no-brainer. Consumers in a relaxed atmosphere for hours on end; what better time to sell?

Such places routinely showcase hair products, skin-care products and make-up, but marketers had not systematically used them to push clothing, food or non-beauty services.rougemedia

The company has signed up 150 venues, which agreed to accommodate their glossy murals for products ranging from shoes to banks to reality TV shows.

The “thousands of dollars a year” individual salons can earn “seemed a business proposition too good to be true” to the places Rouge initially contacted, said the company’s president, Martin Poitras. “Until we paid them the first cheque, I think they all had doubts. It’s good incremental income, effortless.”

With a new medium like this however, convincing brands of the potential can often be challenging.

“It certainly was a different approach to purchasing out-of-home space and marketing real estate,” said Lindsay Cook, Director of Marketing, Joe Fresh, Home & Entertainment, which used the program for a make-up line.

“I highlight my hair and spend hours upon hours in those places and usually find myself staring at the wall in the same spot for a long time, so it seemed like a great idea to have some of our Joe Fresh collateral up there.

In a new world, with challenging economic times it’s clear that small business owners and media platform companies alike are finding new ways to engage consumers and drive revenues.

It may not be sexy.  It may not be mobile, but it certainly is profitable!