Mobile Innovation in Out of Home Media

18 Nov

An evening on integration ‘traditional’ with ‘new’ media. In this event of our Amsterdam Chapter, we’ve showcased/discussed innovation in the field of Out of Home advertisement.

Local from its origins, mobile and social in this present time, the billboard has been transformed from a static surface to an interactive and geo-targeted advertising hub. Whether it’s free WiFi offered at a busstop or digital screens dynamically adapting to passing traffic, modern day OOH media are a blend of the familiar and the surprising. Or more importantly: a testing bed between what advertisers know to buy and what they would like to try!

Chapter President PJ Verhoef opens the event with an introduction to the speakers and a video on Screenscape: an example of how disruptive web-first business models can turn a traditional model upside down.


LocaModa Founder and Monster Media EVP Stephen Randall discusses how social, mobile innovation is used to amplify reach and results of traditional outdoor marketing campaigns.


Layar is represented by Marjolein Stromeier and VP Product Rags Vadail. They present inspiring examples of using augmented reality in out of home marketing.


Guy Grimmelt, director of Host and sponsor CBS Outdoor, presents local examples of how the outdoor media industry is transformed by using social, local, mobile marketing.


Check out the photos for an impression of a typical LBMA MeetUp!


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