The Location Based Marketing Association is a international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Our goal is simple; To educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

Members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software and services providers, and wireless companies. Simply put, we want to help those engaging location-based services be as successful as possible.

Objectives of the LBMA

  • To be the global voice of the location-based marketing industry
  • To generate collaboration and innovation opportunities for member companies
  • To promote the effective use of location-based marketing solutions
  • To increase public acceptance of location-based marketing solutions
  • To assist members to operate their business more profitably with growth and diminished risk and cost
  • To create market awareness of vendor members and provide them with business opportunities, contacts and resources
  • To assist members in finding solutions to their problems and improve the ROI around location-based marketing services